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Our Transparency Dashboard™ is the keystone of SLF’s vision and is the only one of it’s kind in the leather industry.  The Dashboard is what enables us to realise our “A.I.M. Approach” – Accessible, Inclusive and Modular for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The Transparency Dashboard™ demonstrates the ESG responsibility of the leather value chain to customers and consumer through: 

  • an integrated dashboard interface accessible through dynamic QR codes, Partner Profiles and Website 
  • dynamically updated information to reflect real time progress
  • one-stop window for all certification – equivalency built-in
  • dedicated user space for brands / retailers to host all their suppliers’ due diligence in one place
  • consumer access through dynamic QR technology on point of sale materials, to real time information about a company’s performance 
  • provision of support for facilities through our SLF Sustainability Roadmap™ – widening the accessibility and exclusivity of our improvement mechanism.

Our Transparency Dashboard works on a simple traffic light system for ease of understanding. The sections are colour coded as follows:





The basic view of the Transparency Dashboard is open source, however Partners of SLF can click on each section to see the basis of assessment and the metrics related to the result.

Other interested parties may request access to the full Transparency Dashboard with the permission of the Partner company.

“The framework developed by the Sustainable Leather Foundation is a significant step forward in providing transparency and integration throughout the leather value chain. The Transparency Dashboard™ coupled with the web platform provide examples of simple yet effective tools to put a sustainability lens on the performance of leather stakeholders.…”

Mauricio S. Bauer, WWF Senior Director, Beef & Leather Supply Chains (Former)

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