During 2023, Conceria Montebello, one of SLF’s first tannery partners, embarked on a webinar series entitled “Sustainable Headache”.  This collection of webinars was designed to answer some of the questions that can cause a “headache” for many companies today.  By bringing together insights and knowledge from leather industry experts, brands and sustainability professionals, Montebello aimed to “unite forces in caring for our precious common home and laying the foundations for real awareness, like a pill for these sustainable headaches!”

Following the webinar series, Montebello produced a book to document the key ideas and themes and it is available to download in both Italian and English.

Awareness, supply chain, transparency and communication are the keywords of this text, with the hope of shedding light on doubts and concerns about such an important issue that concerns all of us, no one excluded.”

You can click the links below to download the e-book: