As we approach the one year anniversary of the official launch of the SLF Transparency Dashboard™, we are reflecting on the achievements and work that has taken place.  The idea of the Transparency Dashboard™ was conceived during the first SLF concept conversations that took place in May 2020 and by January 2021 we had published our demo version for review and feedback with stakeholders.  By May 2021 we had a fully operational Dashboard with 5 tanneries mapped ready for the public launch.  One year on and we have:

  • 27 leather manufacturers listed with another 6 awaiting mapping.
  • Launched our Product Manufacturer Transparency Dashboard™ with the first product manufacturer mapped and a further 2 awaiting. 
  • Begun the development of the Chemical Company Transparency Dashboard™ in conjunction with chemical company stakeholders, (expected launch by Autumn 2022).
  • Conceptualised the next development for the Machinery Company Transparency Dashboard™.


Our industry leading platform remains the only one of its kind and provides a holistic approach to ESG within the leather value chain.  We are alleviating duplication of effort and resource by integrating existing certification from other 3rd party organisations.  SLF provides a real mechanism for improvement through provision of support and auditing that works at whatever stage of your sustainability journey your organisation is at.  We are also pleased to see other organisations within the industry adopting similar tools and widening working scopes, as this reinforces the success of our vision and approach.

With over 50 Partners now and growing, we are looking forward to the next 12 months of driving and supporting transformative change in the leather industry!

Let’s be the change that secures the future…”

Deborah Taylor, Founder and Managing Director

With special thanks to Karl Flowers for his invaluable contribution to the technical work of the Foundation during 2020/21.

To find out how you can become a partner of the Foundation please contact Sam at