New Year Message from our Managing Director, Deborah Taylor:

As we embark on a new year, full of potential and possibility, I am reminded of a short 7 minute video that was shared with me by a colleague again recently.  This short film, by WWF and Sir David Attenborough was originally published in 2019 – before the Covid-19 Pandemic hit – but it remains as truthful and valid today as it did then.  You can watch the film by clicking above.

At the end of 2020, I published my own reflections on the challenging year we had all experienced – and made reference to some of the positive consequences of a human population that locked down, allowing nature to start to regenerate.  You can read those reflections here: 

My hope then was that we would use this period as a reset for the future and I believe we still have the opportunity to ensure we don’t return to “business as usual” without thought for the future and the generations yet to come.

We are not yet back to normal life – the ups and downs of this persistent and mutating virus still make life uncertain and a little unsettling.  However, the future is ours to write! So, let’s make 2022 a prosperous year not just financially but in terms of people and planet too.  Here at SLF we will continue to support our leather industry stakeholders to find solutions for more sustainable production and responsible sourcing that holds the People, Planet, Profit equation in balance. 

Enjoy the short film and I hope it inspires you for the year ahead!

Best wishes to all!