On the 16th of February, our Technical Director, Katie Kutskill, will be speaking at 1:30pm EST on:

‘Strategic Use of LCA’s – A Comparative Review of Leather and Alternatives.’

Life Cycle Analyses (LCAs) provide a tangible context and a definable output, supporting the industry on sustainable decision-making globally. However, these practical applications largely miss the grander concept of what LCAS, and comparative data provide. The comparative nature of leather and its alternatives provide a timely example for how LCA data should be calculated, interpreted, and utilized in purchasing, development, and strategic decisions.

Come join SLF in engaging about sustainable automotive solutions! SLF is dedicated to ensuring unbiased measurement tools are available for the automotive leather industry and we are excited to be contributing to the development of a sustainable automotive sector!

This year, the ITB Critical Technologies for Sustainable Vehicle Production Conference is focused on Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions. 

Automotive, achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions as measured by Life Cycle Analyses has become the common thread that impacts all facets of material selection and production, design, engineering, supply chain, component manufacturing, finishing, and assembly. Clarifying definitions and targets by each automotive producer is complex. Potential solutions to reach net-zero carbon emissions can include material as well as manufacturing variations. But what solutions will proliferate in the industry?

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