Going after a tannery silent killer - Enhanced online course “How to deal with hydrogen sulfide”

UNIDO, jointly with Common Sense eLearning, has prepared an enhanced on-line training course “How to deal with hydrogen sulfide gas”.

Hydrogen sulfide has been called the “silent killer” because it kills victims without warning. It is one of the biggest risks in tanneries and effluent treatment plans, responsible for the unfortunate loss of life in the industry. Originally, UNIDO released the online training course on Hydrogen sulfide in 2016 and has since trained 5,000 workers from more than 60 countries.

 One trainee completing the course and responsible for Occupational Safety and Health in a tannery in Pakistan reported, “The important knowledge I gained from the course on hydrogen sulfide was shared with colleagues to raise not just awareness but also upgrade safety protocols in my tannery. Course is clear, very useful and easy to be used”

The re-released course has been enhanced with content as well as with multi-audio video tools including instructional videos from industry leading practitioners and officially released jointly with Sustainable Leather Foundation (SLF) on 28 June, 2022.

It is recommended that all companies with the potential for  hydrogen sulfide formation understand the risks associated with hydrogen sulfide formation and implement appropriate safeguards and training in place.

The leather industry and the community need to work together to ensure that workers return home safely each and every day. Safe working environment is among the basic human rights.

UNIDO’s enhanced on-line training course “how to deal with hydrogen sulfide gas” helps companies to understand the risks and also provide training to all employees.

Development of the course was supported by generous contribution from the Government of Japan.

The enhanced course is free of charge and available at: