International Leather Industry Calls on COP27 to recognize the role that natural materials such as leather, have in addressing the challenges of climate change

UK, 10th November 2022 – The Sustainable Leather Foundation, along with 25 other international leather industry organizations, again called on the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) to prioritise natural materials as a means of directly mitigating climate impact. Expanding on the message sent to COP26, the “Leather Manifesto,” exhorts the COP27 to recognise the cyclical, climate-efficient characteristics of leather and other natural fibres. In particular, it urges COP27 to understand the implications of the huge amounts of raw material of leather production, hides and skins, that are currently being thrown away.

“If we are to prevent further damage being done to the planet, we must learn to make the best use of the resources available and to do so without diminishing them or causing harm to the environment. It should not be acceptable that we are wasting huge volumes of a natural, readily available versatile raw material in hides and skins.” the Leather Manifesto states. “In the process, we are losing the opportunity to put shoes on over 2.5 billion pairs of feet. That’s 33% of the world’s population that we could provide shoes for.”

The Manifesto further notes that leather is an ideal choice for a sustainable future, encouraging re-use and slow-fashion. The leather industry once again calls for appropriate measures of environmental impact such as LCA, taking full account of all aspects of the production of any material and the promotion of durable products, and items that can be used many times, repaired and refurbished.

“Here at Sustainable Leather Foundation we are committed to a sustainable future within which leather in an intrinsic material.  We fully endorse this Leather Manifesto and will continue to work with the whole leather value chain to demonstrate best practice across all areas of Environmental, Social and Governance responsibility in line with the UN Guiding Principles and SDGs”, Deborah Taylor, Managing Director.

To read to full Manifesto, click here:

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