Our Technical Director, Katie Kutskill, will be on a Panel at the Wards AutoTech: Detroit Event on the 8th of June, discussing “The Sustainability of Materials – Creating a Carbon Neutral Interior”. Come join SLF in engaging about sustainable automotive solutions! SLF is dedicated to ensuring unbiased measurement tools are available for the automotive leather industry and we are excited to be on a panel showcasing leather as a sustainable product of the future.

AutoTech: Detroit brings together the full automotive tech industry to immerse attendees in the future of automotive, by showcasing the newest tech and the latest vehicles. We gather the automotive and technology communities like no other event. 

AutoTech: Detroit is created by the industry, for the industry. Research is conducted at scale across the entire AutoTech ecosystem, made unique with the TU and Wards expert touch.

Our show is a celebration of developments and achievements within the automotive tech industry. During the event we will be hosting the Informa Tech Automotive Awards the Wards 10 Best Interiors & UX Awards, award-winning vehicle displays & tours, and Automotive Inspire Interviews.