Advisory Groups

Over the next few weeks, the Sustainable Leather Foundation will be asking members of the Global community to register their interest with the Foundation to be involved as a Technical Expert within the 8 new Advisory Groups:


Including in-use and end-of-life aspects

Carbon Footprint

Including a broader environmental footprint group and sub-groups as below:

  • Energy (and efficiency) and Machinery sub-group
  • Water sub-group
  • Air Aspects (incl GHG) sub-group
  • Leather LCA sub-group
  • Effluent sub-group
  • Soil aspect and solid waste sub-group


Including management and risk

Consumer Communication

Including leather campaign liaison

Deforestation and Biodiversity

Including a broader group and sub-groups as below:

  • Farming, slaughter & animal welfare (provenance)
  • Land aspects
  • Biodiversity aspects

Facility Governance

Including a broader group and sub-groups as below:

  • Leather standards
  • Leather quality management
  • Housekeeping
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Financial, marketing, management best practice

Social Responsibility

Including fairness of opportunity, pay, working hours and representation

Traceability & Transparency

Including traceability systems implementation and SLF value chain transparency

These Advisory Groups will be conducted in a pre-competitive environment that seeks to bring together best available industry knowledge and expertise to foster improvement, education and innovation. If you are interested in participating in any of the above Groups, or if you would like us to consider another area of concern, please email:

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